The Top 3 Players in the History of Golf

The origins of golf are quite uncertain since this sport has been practiced by many throughout history. However, over the last few decades, golf courses and instruments have been able to undergo many changes in nature, resulting in technological progress that accelerates and facilitates the process of sport. All in all, all that progress has made the game more popular and the number of people who decide to practice it has increased.

Amongst everyone who has made an impact in this game, a few people managed to stand out for shining or still stand out for shining in this sport, making history with multiple awards and recognitions. Much younger players look up to these champions.

For this reason, today we mention the three best performing players in the history of golf, although it has not been easy to choose these champions, as they have a very close competition with other golfers that position the golf balls very well near the hole.

  1. Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus, also known as the Great Golden Bear, could not miss on this list as the man who is considered by the press as the best golf player in all history.

This gentleman deserves a round of applause, for he has an unbeatable and historical record of dozens of championships, for he has won more professional and amateur championships than anyone who has ever set foot in this world, he has a number of 18 professionals and 20 amateurs, this gentleman simply if he knew where the golf ball was positioned.

Between these great triumphs, the lord Nicklaus has 4 open of the United States, 5 championships of the PGA of American more 3 open in Great Britain, it was sufficient to enter fully into the hall of fame of golf in all the world for the year 1974, and he is respected by many in all senses.

  1. Severiano Ballesteros

Ballesteros has been able to remain in the hearts of many Spaniards as an extraordinary golfer. This man possessed a great ingenuity and versatility that led him to consider himself the best player in history, these aspects led him to victory, as the golf ball seemed to always play in his favor.

Great specialists and critics agree that Severiano Ballesteros is the promoter of the popularization of golf throughout the world during his time, watching him play inspired to practice the sport. Ballesteros had the opportunity to take home dozens of championships, including 3 British Open and two masters of Augusta. He entered the Hall of Fame on 24 March 1999.

  1. Ben Hogan

All golfers envy Ben Hogan, characterized by gaining fame and recognition for perfecting an impressive technique, “the great swing.” No man has ever made this move as perfect as Hogan.

This allowed him to win several professional championships, including the American open in 1953, a British one and the PGA Championship, thus becoming the first golfer to achieve a grand slam in golf. This made him enter the Hall of Fame during 1974.

This man is characterized by punishing golf balls and always sending them to the hole.