The Essentials of Golf and Most Popular Tournaments

Reading golf news now is a bit of a hassle, especially with so many things happening and so much to learn if you are new to all of it.

This is exactly where we come in to the rescue. We bring you the golf news now and we bring them to you right on time – there isn’t a golf event of happening that you’ll miss if you rely on our knowledge and expertise. So, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the essentials of golf, the latest golf news now, the rules and events, as well as through everything you need to know of in order to become a true golf fan.

You won’t have to buy sports magazines nor write a golf journal just to have a real sense of the golf essentials, our page is here to be your loyal friend for all golf events and players.

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Latest Golf News

In order to get the latest and most current golf news now, we’ve done a lot of research and got in contact with some of the most prominent names of golf. Here are the golf news essentials that shook the golf world in the recent days:

The first event of the 2019-20 season continued on the 14th of September, as the round 3 of the Military Tribute at the Greenbrier took part. There are many rounds that deserve our attention for that in the future too. For example, the featured groups are Kevin Chappell and Sam Ryder, Robby Shelton and Adam Long and Scottie Scheffler and Joaquin Niemann. It surely will be a couple of groups worth watching and following.

On the same event, history was written and sports magazines headlines were flashing regarding Kevin Chappell’s skill. Kevin’s first PGA TOUR start in 10 months, has returned in an amazing manner. He hit the golf news now because he became the 10th player in TOUR history to shoot 59.

Another of the most popular and shocking golf news now is the injury of International Presidents Cup spearhead Marc Leishman. His season started pretty rough, and he was even forced to withdraw from the A Military Tribute because of his injury. Namely, we are talking about having four bulging disks in the back that flare up every once in a while. This is a condition that is controlled by treatment and rest, but it seems that Leishman just cannot rest easily, which is why it was hard for him to withdraw from the most popular event of golf news now.

Who Won the Golf Majors in 2019?

Although this isn’t pretty much golf news now, at the moment the numerous popular golf events happened, they were amongst the essential news you had to read regarding golf. So, it is one of your essentials to know which players were the best in the last season.

Did you know that the 2019 masters was won by Tiger Woods? Of course you did – everybody knows. However, there were other cool golf events that brought a lot of amazing golf happenings – like Gary Woodland winning the U.S. Open and the Shane Lowry conquering the British Open.

However, the PGA championship was won by Brooks Koepka, pretty much to our surprise.



Upcoming Golf Tournaments

Amongst the essentials of golf-fans is knowing the past and current as well as upcoming events. This is why, golf-lovers follow numerous blogs, magazines and journals in order to get the essentials of news. The upcoming golf tournaments and events that keep everyone at the edge of their seat are the Wyndham Championship, the PGA Tour in general, the 2020, the Masters Tournament and the Tour Champions.

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Basic Tips For Beginners: Essentials of Golf

If you want to start playing golf, we have a few tips and tricks that will come in handy if you are a beginner.

First, get the proper equipment, as without it, you wouldn’t be able to play it. But not only this, try to invest at least a bit in buying high-quality equipment, as it will help you a lot improve your skills.

Moreover, work hard and find a good trainer. Nobody has learned on their own, which is exactly why you need good guidance. But don’t think that just because you overpaid for a trainer that you’ll be great at it. It takes time and practice in order for you to perfect your skill.